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Traveling with Kids in London

Traveling with kids in London

Children are not the greatest travellers and more often than not they might sulk and pout at you for bringing them along on what to them appear to be long and tedious journeys.

Holiday in London could be an amazing experience for both parents and children as long as you know where to take your little ones.

London is a children-friendly city where all major stations, airports, museums and even parks have baby facilities, children’s toy shops, activities for kids of all ages and other amenities and amusements created to make the stay of both parents and their children easy and pleasant.

Below you can find some ideas on where and how to entertain your kids in London


While in London you will probably want to see a few of the more notable museums and galleries. You probably worry that dragging your children along will cost you a fortune and ultimately bore them stiff. Taking kids along to various attractions and entertainment venues can be a bit of a hassle.

However, it might not be as expensive as you expect. Entry to a lot of London’s major museums and galleries is free of charge to all, while at most venues where access is paid, teenagers pay half the price of an adult ticket and the youngest ones enter for free.

A lot of museums and galleries have toy shops and interactive games available for free to keep kids entertained. Let your children interact with the robots at the Science Museum, marvel the dinosaurs or watch the ants and bees at work at the Natural History Museum.

Both venues have excellent activities aimed to educate in a fun, playful way. The Science Museum has dedicated children’s galleries, interactive exhibits and 3D screenings tailored to the needs of various age groups – from toddlers through to teenagers.

Perhaps you prefer a more child-oriented venue? The Museum of Childhood houses an impressive collection of toys, books, accessories and clothes dating as far back as the 17th century.

Amusing to both parents and children, the museum collections will show you what our ancestors used to play with and wear. Take your kids to the Golden Hinde, berthed in a nook right next to London bridge.

This replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship is bound to amuse both you and your little pirates.

Animal Fun

Kids love animals and animals love kids, so why not bring them together. London Zoo is not only the oldest in the world, but also one of the largest zoos in England.

There are numerous themed areas where various rare species can be seen in surroundings similar to their natural habitats. The zoo is also home to the world’s first aquarium.

Let your children marvel the gorillas, penguins or beautiful butterflies. Onsite you can find plenty of food outlets, kiosks, restaurants, cafes and of course the favourite of all children – an ice-cream van.

Sightseeing might not be a child’s favourite activity, yet a visit to London without stopping at Westminster and Big Ben is incomplete.

While in the area, treat your kids to a visit at Sea Life London Aquarium. Take a guided tour, feed the sharks and marvel the colourful coral reef together with your little ones.

Let your bold teenagers snorkel with the sharks (much safer than it sounds), while your toddlers pick their new toys at the aquarium’s themed shop.

Outdoor Activities

Despite its fame for being the city of rain and mists, it doesn’t rain all the time in London and on warm, sunny days citizens flock to the local parks. The larger London parks feature highly amusing playgrounds with sandpits, swings and climbing constructions, while some smaller garden squares also have dedicated children’s areas.

Kensington Gardens boast one of the most popular spots – the Princess Diana Memorial Playground which features a giant pirate ship and numerous other children’s toys and facilities.

Another notable and highly exclusive spot is Coram’s fields in Bloomsbury that is accessible only to children and their parents. Here you can watch your kids play in a safe environment.

Winter Amusements

Christmas is the time of year when magic is in the air and children seem to sense that better than adults. When you happen to be in London around the holidays, visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London’s largest Christmas market and amusement park.

Both adults and children can find something entertaining here. Shops, arts and crafts stalls, restaurants and cafes for the parents and numerous carousels, rides and an observational wheel for the little ones, guarantee no one will ever get bored.

Treat your children to hand-made sweets while you browse the market stalls for Christmas gifts or get on the ice-rink together and experience unforgettable moments with your whole family.


Why stay in a cramped hotel room, when you can have an entire apartment to your leisure. Enjoy the comfort that only a modern home can give you. Put your children to sleep in a separate bedroom, while you watch television undisturbed or get a good night’s rest in your own room.

Forget about scheduled hotel meal times, do not worry that your sociable five-year-old or your screaming toddler will be disturbing other guests.

In the morning you can prepare a breakfast from the comfort of your own kitchen and enjoy it with your entire family.

Check our extensive list of vacation properties that offers large two- and three-bedroom apartments suitable for larger families. We hope that you and your children will bring home lovely memories from London.

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