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London Statistics

London Statistics

Below are statistics for London based on the latest figures and the most recent census carried out.

Location: London / England / United Kingdom 

Country dialing code: 0044

Population: between 8 and 15 million people live in London and greater London

Time zone: GMT 

Electricity: 220 Volts

Average January winter temp: 8.1 C

Average July summer temp: 23.5 C

Average rainy days per month 7-10

Sizes London comprises a total area of 1,579 square kilometres (610 sq miles).

Hyde Park is the second largest park and comprises a total of 142 hectares or 350 acres while

Richmond Park (less well know) is the largest.

Population 2010

 London: latest census 7,825,200,  (Greater London between 14 and 15 million people)

Religion: London has a religiously diverse population.

The majority of Londoners, over 58% describe themselves as Christians. 


London is currently served by four international airports and several smaller domestic airports. City Airport, Heathrow (the busiest airport in the world), Gatwick, Luton and Stansted but a number of smaller airports operate also mostly handling domestic flights. Eight airports use the word London in their title.


Licensed Black taxis: London has around 21,000 black cabs currently operating. A driver must have a complete knowledge of the city before obtaining a taxi licence to drive a black cab.

Buses and Trams

London Transport operate over 8,000 buses on 700 routes and transport over six million people around daily which is more then the London underground. An estimated 1.5 billion bus journeys per Annam and has the largest wheelchair accessible bus network in the entire world. The red London double Decker bus is internationally recognised as a symbol of London.


There are currently around 5570 restaurants in London as of 2011, according to the latest Golden pages. This does not include sandwich type places but actual licensed restaurants.


The Major of London introduced the London Bike system (Barclay bike hire) and since then cycling has enjoyed a renaissance. Cycling is cheaper, quicker and now even safer with many new cycle paths all over the city.


London attracts over 14 million tourists a year and employs around 350,000 full time workers in related tourist businesses. London is the most visited city in all Europe.

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