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Things to Do in London

London Shopping

London Shopping

London City! You can shop until you drop, a true shopper’s paradise for young and not so young as it has something for everyone.

Top End 

Where does one start when it comes to shopping in London, like New York, London has the lot. All the big names, all the top stores and brands in some of the largest and best shops in some of the most expensive stores on earth.

Famous department stores

Harrods has got to be the most famous store in London. The story went years ago you could not only order an elephant, but the sales person would ask you, yes sir, of course, which colour would you like. It has changed hands a few times over the years and is currently owned by Mr Alsaid. The store is a must visit when in London as it is a special place.

Flea markets

London Flea Markets – The Best Flea Markets To Visit In  London is famed for its markets and haggling culture, yet the abundance of shopping centres and high street chains has seen market numbers fall in recent years.

However, there are a few flea markets that never seem to wilt, and even in the winter months, hardened traders and good old English spirit fill dedicated corners of the city for some serious bargaining.

Most famous is Camden Town MarketCamden Lock and Portabello Road, two great markets and always worth a visit. Camden Lock Market Camden Lock is the most vibrant and exciting flea market in London. It is well known as the place to pick up exquisite items both imported and handcrafted in the UK.

The haggling is fairly reserved at Camden, but a decent price can still be struck on home furniture, clothes, jewellery and artwork. In recent years, an abundance of food stalls have appeared, and music is a regular feature booming out of many shops.

The market is culturally diverse and genre splitting, certainly a place for those wanting something different at a bargain price. Punk Rockers and 60s style Mods are a regular feature hanging around the lock, something that always intrigues those visiting from abroad.

Portobello Road Market Portobello Road Market comes a very close second to Camden Lock and some would argue that it may have taken the number one spot in recent times. Like Camden, Portobello Road Market is culturally diverse with sellers and customers from all over the globe.

Portobello Road is a great place to pick up both first and second-hand clothes you just wouldn’t find in high street stores. There is an abundance of holistic gifts, old books, music and costume jewellery. There is something for every budget at Portobello Road, not to mention great food on every corner.

A particularly splendid day out in the winter when the scent of Mulled Wine wafts through the air. Petticoat Lane Market Primarily a clothing and fashion market, Petticoat Lane has an air of the good old East End about it. Cockney accents ripple through the lane as vendors and consumers seal deals on an array of goods.

A word of warning, though; the market is famed for knock-off goods and black market items – not that many people seem to mind. The area, in general, is a place to seek out bulk deals and auction items, there is also plenty of cheap food to tickle your taste buds as you browse. Petticoat Lane Market is worth visiting just for the historical vibe, but no doubt you will end up walking away with a fabulous bargain.

Wembley Market Wembley Market is the largest Sunday market in England and has been in operation for over 30 years. With over 500 stalls selling electrical appliances, toys, sporting goods and clothing, this West London market is a must visit. Coupled with the hustle and bustle of the traditional English market place, Wembley Market boasts a great atmosphere and large food court.

Unfortunately, in recent times Wembley Market has become tainted by the sale of fake clothes, DVDs and CDs, although the local council and on-site security are clamping down where possible. Still, don’t let that put you off as there are plenty of bargains to be had at this vibrant market.

Another great street for Shopping in London is the world famous Oxford Street where you will find some of the worlds most famous brands and shops. A guide on shopping in London –  Are you visiting London? You will love our 40 page London Shopping Guide!

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