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Camden Town London

Camden Town London

London is already a vibrant city, but if that’s not enough for you, there is always Camden Town; the alternative and bohemian part of London city.

Camden has a special feel to it, you can feel it in the vive the area offers visitors and is a real “add to bucket list” kinda place.


Camden Town is special, just walking about you feel the relaxed vive round the place but it wasn’t always the dazzling flamboyant place it is today. Up until the late 18th century, it was no more than a bare patch of land to the north of London. There were a couple of farms and two pubs, Mother Red Cap, which is still there, under the name of Worlds End and the Southampton, which is now called Edwards. Lucky for us though, a man named Charles Pratt came along around this time to start urbanising the place. Now, some 200 years later, Camden town has developed into the most lively, alternative, pulsating part of London. 


Although nowadays, Camden town is most famous for its markets, they are not the reason that brought the locals to the place. The local crowd here mainly consists of students, artists and other alternative souls, but seeing as it’s very touristy as well (mainly because of its markets) Camden Town is usually packed with more visitors than locals. Especially at the weekends, Camden is bustling with pleasure seeking people, from Londoners themselves to tourists from all over the world.

Pubs & Clubs

And who can blame them. The pubs and clubs in Camden are notorious for their crazy, fun and alternative vibe. Apart from obviously the Worlds End and Edwards if only for their historic appeal, you should also pop into the Devonshire Arms if you’d like to mingle with the Goths, chill out amongst the youngsters at Lock Tavern, watch some footy in Oxford Arms or see if you can still discern the Gallagher’s bum prints on the bar stools at their old hangout, the Good Mixer.

Up for some clubbing after a few pints at the Camden pubs? Check out the Electric ballroom or the Monarch for live-performances, usually of the rock genre, dance your ass off in the burlesque Peacock Bar or pay a little visit to the Jazz Cafe.

Camden is a real handout area for all sorts of folk and you never know what you’ll see specially at weekends and during the summer.


As stated above, Camden town is most famous for its markets. What used to be the Midland Railway stables and horse hospital, is now the setting for the famous Camden Stables Market, a wonderfully quirky marketplace to roam around in, where you can get your vintage clothing, piercings and even old style furniture. Go to Camden Lock Market for your arts and crafts, jewelry and other accessories and second hand books.

The same categories are available in Camden Lock Village which was born at the reopening of this part of Camden in 2009 after the devastating fire in 2008. Don’t spend all your clothes shopping money before you’ve browsed through all the markets on Buck street and the main street though, and for all your other nooks and crannies, check out the stalls on Inverness street, where you can also collapse in any of the cosy pubs.

Camden FAQ’s

What days is Camden Market Open?

Camden Market is open as follows7 days week from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

What is Camden famous for?

It’s acknowledged that Camden Town/ Lock is one of the world’s greatest markets and visited by many millions of people per year.

What day is Camden Market Best?

The Camden Market is open 7 days a week but for the real craziness that makes Camden you got to visit on a weekend but everyday is a good day in Camden.

Is it true Camden Market is Closing down?

Not really, one street market on Buck Street in Camden Town will close in 2019 ahead of a revamp of the site.

Is Camden safe?

I’v been to Camden town many times and have never had any trouble or even seen any trouble. I guess there is crime but I have not experienced any. I read pickpocketing is rampant but again myself or none of my friends have even been pickpocketed.

What do they sell at Camden Market?

Camden Town offers the world’s market place at your feet. It’s got something for everyone and more besides.

What Tube line is Camden Market on?Underground / Tube

There are two underground stations serving Camden. Camden Town which is the main station but you can also use Chalk Farm Road, both of which are on the Northern Line. Another one is Mornington Crescent, but it’s a 10 minute walk to reach the Camden main street.

Is Camden Market cash only?

Cash is always king when it comes to markets stalls and bargaining down the price. Most stalls now accept credit/debit cards  but they incur costs of 3-5% so cash can get you a discount.

What is there to eat at Camden Market?

If you can think it up they can sever it up in Camden, all types of food for all types of folk.

Is Camden Market open or covered?

Most of the markets are covered alongside The Regent’s Canal towpath. (near the north-eastern section of the road bridge on Chalk Farm Road) Other parts of the market are open to the weather while other parts have makeshift plastic sheeting roofs.

Is Camden market open on Good Friday and New Years Day?

The markets are open almost all year round , 7 days a, every from 10am to 6pm.

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